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Burnt Toast


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Description: How many times have you needed to give a quick dynamic lesson to the kids but were left scrambling? BAM! Now you've got it. You will receive 21 dynamic object lessons using everyday household items, and you'll also receive a presentation slide in case you don't have the object handy. Perfect for Sunday Morning Children's Sermon, Children's Church, Sunday School, Special Events, Camps, Speaking Engagements, etc. Includes 21 PDF files, 21 presentation graphics, and a master Word document.


Apple Seeds- God's Protection
Baby Food- Growing in Christ
Batteries- The Power of Love
Cell Phone- Prayer
Christmas Tree Base- The Foundation of Christmas
Dog Treats- Loving God No Matter What
Dollar Bill- You Can't Fool God
Expired Calendar- The Past
Gingerbread Man- Hard Times
Glass of Water- Purity
Highlighter- Memorizing Scripture
Ice Tray- Patience
Jack O Lantern- Shining Your Light
Mouse Trap- The Way to God
Movie Ticket- Accepting Christ
Newspaper- Spreading the Gospel
Recipe Book- The Church
Soap- Bible Study
Sponge- The Holy Spirit
Suitcase- Heaven
Toothpaste- Words

*by award-winning writer John Cosper



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