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Description: In this four-part series, preschoolers learn that through good times and bad the dreamer, Joseph, finds his dreams coming true. His life moves from shepherd and brother, to slave, prisoner and ruler. Kids will learn that God can use one man to save many.

Series Theme: God Is Always With Us!

Week 1: Joseph Gets A Coat (Genesis 37:1-36)
Week 2: Joseph Goes To Jail (Genesis 39, 40)
Week 3: Joseph Becomes Ruler (Genesis 41-45)
Week 4: Joseph Forgives His Family (Genesis 42-45)

Series Memory Verse:
"God was with Joseph and things went very well with him, " Genesis 39:2.

What you get in your digital download:
4 Weeks of Teaching Scripts (.PDF) for Preschool (3-5yr olds)
Weekly Small Group Options (.PDF)
Series Graphic & Bible Verse (.JPG)



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