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Description: A song that celebrates that God is always with us (John 14:16). The download Includes: Stereo, Split and Karaoke tracks - plus Song Testimony, Motion Videos, Chords and Lyrics. Click here for the Song Testimony


Amazing Grace how can it be
The King of Kings is here with me
From the highest highs to the valley low
I know You're never gonna let me go


Every Day, You're with me every way
Every Day You're with me
No matter what comes my way
I know that You're here to stay
Every Day You're with me


I once was lost but now I see
The King of Kings is here with me
Walking through the combat zone
I know that I am not alone


Every single day in every single way,
Every single day You're with me just the same
Every day You're with me
Can't scare you away, can't tear You away
You said You would stay, You never go away
Every day You're with me

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