New Life Worship Kids


Authors: Jason Ingram, Jon Egan, Paul Mabury


Views: 1573

Description: Magnified [Performance Trax] by New Life Worship Kids Includes an original version, original key with background vocals, original key without background vocals, and a high and low key versions.

Verse 1
We stand in awe of Your unfailing love
That has covered us
We stand amazed at Your unending grace
We cannot repay

Chorus 1
Jesus wonder of the world how we love You
Savior Son of God we magnify magnify
(We magnify magnify)

Verse 2
Our hearts bow low in Your presence
Lord we are overcome
Our hands held high to declare Your worth
You're magnificent

Misc 1
The heavens can't contain
Your great love Your great love
All the earth will rise to say
You're the One You're the One
Ev'ry heart and ev'ry soul will declare will declare
Jesus magnify
Jesus magnify

Misc 2
Magnify magnify magnify magnify


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