New Life Worship Kids


Authors: Anthony Skinner, Brady Toops, Don Poythress


Views: 1667

Description: We Belong [Performance Trax] byNew Life Worship Kids. Includes an original version, original key with background vocals, and an original key without background vocals.

Verse 1
Come buy the truth no one can sell
Come drink the water from the living well
Those who trust in Him lose their shame
He will answer those who call on His name

Chorus 1
By faith and not sight
We live by the light of Jesus
Of Jesus
Where the weak are strong
Because we belong to Jesus
We belong to Jesus oh we belong
We belong to Jesus Christ

Verse 2
Why try to gain the world and lose your soul
Can’t keep it anyway just let it go
We take up the cross and follow Him
'Cause when you lose your life you find it again

Misc 1
(Bridge)Oh oh oh yeah we belong


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