Jesus had a “new spin” on the old practices of religious people called the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Jesus words made these Pharisees and Sadducees extremely “fidgety.” But this did not stop Him. He stayed on mission. Jesus’ “spin” on the religious practices of the time were not only from God, but were designed to move people to faith in Him and stay focused on Him. Have some fun using "spinners" to help show our kids that these truths are very relevant for us today!

Week #1 - Yeast of the Pharisees - Jesus said to beware of this!
Week #2 - Jesus' Love "Rocks"! - Lessons from the woman caught in adultery! Putting your stones down!
Week #3 - There goes the neighborhood! A look at the good Samaritan, and our neighbors!
Week #4 - Remember the Sabbath - Let's not just talk about, but be holy!
Week #5 - The Sick...Salt and Light and a Sycamore! What was Jesus mission? What is ours?!
Week #6 - "You must be born again"...HUH!? - Nicodemus finds Jesus!

Series includes:
Large group elements
Small group elements
Full powerpoint/images for each lesson
Video opener for series
Parent take home/parent connect piece
Customizable graphics files
6 original videos for Bible story

"Spinners" Includes:


  1. Spinner Week 2
    Spinner Week 2
  2. Spinner Week 5
    Spinner Week 5
  3. Spinner Week 3
    Spinner Week 3
  4. Spinner Week 4
    Spinner Week 4
  5. Spinner Week 6
    Spinner Week 6
  6. Spinner Week 1
    Spinner Week 1
  7. Spinner Curriculum
    Spinner Curriculum

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