Glory To God In The Highest

What's Included
What's Included
The amazing story of the shepherds and angels in a fun, engaging song that will have everyone singing along. Based on Luke 2:10-20. Includes full stereo track, split track, and instrumental versions, plus hand motions and tutorial..

Song Lyrics

I bring you good news
Do not be afraid
Great joy unto you
And all people this day

In Bethlehem town
A Savior is born
Messiah come down
He is Jesus the Lord
And suddenly
Heavenly hosts appeared
To sing their praise

Glory to God in the highest
And peace on the Earth
Unto those on whom
His favor rests

Glory to God

And this is a sign
For terrified eyes
A baby you’ll find
In a manger He lies

Singin’ oh oh oh
Let us go and see him
Oh oh oh
Let us go and see

And when they had seen
And all were amazed
The shepherds returned
Singing their praise

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