Thanksgiving Games 5-Pack

Get $50 worth of game videos for only $35! Score 5 fun game videos you can play in Kids Church this Thanksgiving season.

This pack includes

Thanksgiving Closeups
Let's Give Thanks
One Minute Madness - Thanksgiving Edition
What's For Dinner?
Will Timmy Eat It?

"Thanksgiving Games 5-Pack" Includes:


  1. Will Timmy Eat It? Game Video For Kids
    Will Timmy Eat It? Game Video For Kids
  2. What's For Dinner
    What's For Dinner
    Special Price $5.00 Regular Price $10.00
  3. 1 Minute Madness: Thanksgiving
    1 Minute Madness: Thanksgiving
  4. Let's Give Thanks Game Video
    Let's Give Thanks Game Video
  5. Thanksgiving Closeups Game Video
    Thanksgiving Closeups Game Video

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