Cow Turkey Pilgrim Pack

This package comes with 4 different versions of Cow, Turkey, Pilgrim. These are awesome crowdbreakers that will definitely get everyone involved and having a good time. Each game has 4 rounds, and each videos has different winners for each round; so your kids can just keep playing and playing! If you were to purchase these videos individually, you would spend $40 - but you're getting all of them for $30. So you're getting one them for FREE!

"Cow Turkey Pilgrim Pack" Includes:


  1. Cow Turkey Pilgrim Version1
    Cow Turkey Pilgrim Version1
  2. Cow Turkey Pilgrim Version2
    Cow Turkey Pilgrim Version2
  3. Cow Turkey Pilgrim Version3
    Cow Turkey Pilgrim Version3
  4. Cow Turkey Pilgrim Version4
    Cow Turkey Pilgrim Version4

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