Ultimate Church Resource

From Gateway Kids Worship, Ultimate Church Resource combines audio, video and print resources from Heartbeat, Believe It and All of Me projects into one massive collection designed to fuel your church's kids worship ministry all through the year! This compilation of music includes such energetic, fun, and popular songs as "Higher Than The Sky," "Move," and "Something Good". Each song is accompanied by stereo instrumental audio, dance videos, lyric videos, and other configurations essential to teaching and engaging the kids at your church in worship through song. We hope this resource serves you, your church, and your amazing kids well!

"Ultimate Church Resource" Includes:

Song Tracks

  1. Here
  2. All Of Me
    All Of Me
  3. All That I Need
    All That I Need
  4. Faithful
  5. It's Your Love
    It's Your Love
  6. Love's Running After
    Love's Running After
  7. Something Good
    Something Good
  8. I Will Not Fear
    I Will Not Fear
  9. Heartbeat
  10. Higher Than The Sky
    Higher Than The Sky
  11. Remind Me
    Remind Me
  12. Won't Let Go
    Won't Let Go
  13. You Never Change
    You Never Change
  14. Believe It
    Believe It
  15. Chasing Me
    Chasing Me
  16. For All My Days
    For All My Days
  17. Move
  18. It Is Finished
    It Is Finished
  19. With You
    With You

More from Gateway Kids Worship

  1. Todo Mi Corazon
    Todo Mi Corazon
  2. Way Maker
    Way Maker
  3. Todos Mis Dias
    Todos Mis Dias
  4. Alive With You
    Alive With You
  5. Todo Lo Haces Bien
    Todo Lo Haces Bien


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