Building Christmas - 4 Week Curriculum

What's Included
What's Included
Use LEGO bricks to tell the Christmas story!

Each week, kids will have the chance to build something with LEGO bricks that will remind them of an important part of the Christmas story.

Building Christmas Lessons Overview:
Memory Verse:  “When they saw the star, they were filled with joy.” Matthew 2:10 NIRV

Christmas Tree - There are Christmas trees everywhere this time of year. One of the first things we think of when we see a Christmas tree is presents! But, there’s something else the Christmas tree can remind us of. It can remind us of the cross, made from a tree, that Jesus chose to die on. Jesus knew the only way we could be forgiven for all of the wrong choices we make was if he came to earth and died on a cross. That is why Jesus came, and why we celebrate his birth at Christmas. Isaiah 9:2, 6-7

Snowflake - As we get close to Christmas something else we see a lot of is snowflakes. They may be real or fake, but snowflakes are everywhere at Christmas time. They can also remind us of something very important. Jesus came at Christmas time to make our hearts clean. Without Jesus our sin makes us dirty, but with Jesus we are as clean as pure white snow. That’s why the shepherds were so excited when the angels told them about the Savior being born. Luke 2:8-20, The shepherds, Isaiah 1:18 Made White As Snow

Christmas Gifts - Christmas gifts are probably most kids favorite thing about Christmas. And why do we love gifts so much? It’s all the same toys we can buy in the store all year round. But a Christmas gift is free, you don’t have to pay anything for it, you just get to enjoy it. That’s what makes it special. That’s what made Jesus so special, when He came to earth to give his life for us, He gave it as a gift. It is free to anyone who will accept it. That’s why the wise men brought gifts to Jesus, to worship him and say thank you. Matthew 2:1-12, The Wise Men

Star - We put stars on top of our Christmas trees because of the star that led the wise men to Jesus. That’s the best thing anyone can do at Christmas is to meet Jesus for the first time. Accepting Jesus’ free gift of salvation so that he will forgive you for every wrong choice you have made or will make will be the best Christmas gift you could ever get. That’s the gift Jesus hoped that everyone would get when he chose to come to earth to be our Savior. John 3:16

About This Curriculum:
• Perfect for kids ages 6-12
• 4-weeks
• Includes large group and small group resources
• This curriculum is an instant download
• Download a free sample here
• Download the FREE Christmas Program here.
Each Lesson Includes:
• Make It Stick! Parent Sheet
• Memory Verse
• Skit or Puppet Show
• Craft Activity
• Large Group Lesson
• Small Group Discussion
• More!

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