How To Be A Superhero - 12 Week Curriculum

What's Included
What's Included
Sometimes superheroes do great things. Other times it’s the little things that make them super. Big and small things add up to a life that honors God and allows us to do some super things for others. Kids will learn that small acts done for Jesus can lead to a super life and they'll learn how to make life super for others.

How to Be a Superhero Lessons Overview:
Memory Verse: “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31b (NIV)
Love Your Parents
Scripture: Ephesians 6:1-3
Synopsis: Superman had a wise mom and dad, whom he listened to. God gave us parents to teach us to follow Jesus and do the right thing. Objective: Kids will share something their parents have taught them about Jesus. 
Slow to Speak Scripture: James 1:19-21
Synopsis: Ever notice how much super-villains love to run their mouths? Super heroes don’t let their tongues go untamed. They are slow to speak, and they use their words for good. Objective: Kids will be able to state the importance of listening rather than reacting. 
For Good
Scripture: Genesis 45, Joseph saves his family
Synopsis: Bruce Wayne turned the greatest tragedy of his life into something good when he chose to become Batman. Bad things are going to happen, but it’s up to us to give those things to God so that something good can come from them.
Objective: Kids will be able to share something bad that turned out to be good. 
Power Source
Scripture: Luke 10:1-24
Synopsis: Green Lantern knows where his power comes from, and he never strays far from that power source. As Christians we need to stay close to Jesus, the source of our power.
Objective: As believers in Jesus, kids will learn from where their power source comes. 
Secret Lairs
Scripture: 1 Kings 19:1-18, Elijah flees to the cave
Synopsis: Batman has the Batcave. Superman the Fortress of Solitude. To be real heroes, we need a quiet place to get away, to be silent, and spend time with Jesus.
Objective: Kids will choose a quiet place at home to spend time in prayer.  Gifted
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12
Synopsis: Antman might get laughed at, but he still has some special powers. God has gifted all of us in special ways so that we can serve Him and others.
Objective: Kids will share one talent God has given them. 
Team Work
Scripture: Acts 10, Peter and Cornelius
Synopsis: The Avengers show us that we can make friends and get along with others who are different. God made us all special, and he wants us to love everyone.
Objective: Kids will share something about themselves that makes them unique.
Do The Small Stuff
Scripture: Mark 3:1-5, Jesus heals a man with a crippled hand. Synopsis: Superman saved the world. He also saved a cat stuck in a tree. Little things matter, and God wants us to have hearts that are always willing to lend a hand.
Objective: Kids will identify one small way they can commit to helping someone else this week.
Move Fast
Scripture: Luke 10:25-37, The Good Samaritan
Synopsis: Some heroes like Flash and Quicksilver become great because of their awesome speed. God wants us to move quickly when people are in need and not wait for someone else to act.
Objective: Kids will identify one way they can act quickly today to serve someone in need.
Local Heroes
Scripture: Esther 4, Mordecai asks Esther for help
Synopsis: Batman is from Gotham. Spider-Man is from New York. The Guardians of the Galaxy live in space. God’s heroes aren’t only serving on the mission field. They serve at home, where God put them.
Objective: Kids will think of ways to serve God in their homes and church. 
With Great Power
Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20, the Great Commission
Synopsis: Peter Parker’s uncle taught him that with great power comes great responsibility. Having received the gift of Jesus, we have a responsibility to share that good news with others.
Objective: Kids will invite a friend to next week’s church service. 
Darkest Night
Scripture: Acts 16:16-40, Paul and Silas in prison
Synopsis: Green Lanterns are sworn to fight evil in the darkest of times. God can give us the strength to persevere when times are tough. Objective: Kids will decide how they can call on God the next time they have a “dark” day. 

About This Curriculum:
• Perfect for kids ages 6-12
• 12-weeks
• Includes large group and small group resources
• This curriculum is an instant download
Each Lesson Includes:
• Make It Stick! Parent Sheet
• Memory Verse
• Skit or Puppet Show
• Craft Activity
• Large Group Lesson
• Small Group Discussion
• More!

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