Star Trip - 4 Week Curriculum

What's Included
What's Included
Star Trip Christmas Curriculum - Our Faith Awakens This December!

There will be a new Star Wars movie in theaters this December. Kids love these movies so why not use the momentum of these movies to tell kids another amazing story about stars…the only difference is that this story is true.

The Magi were on a quest – following a star to find the child king foretold in prophecy. Along their journey, they encountered both the dark and the light, both good and bad. In the end they met Jesus, the true star of their trip, and light of the world.

Star Trip Lessons Overview:
Memory Verse: "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5
Long, Long Ago – Jesus came to bring light to the darkness of this world. His arrival was so important, that it was talked about by the prophets hundreds of years before his birth. Micah 5:1-5, Bethlehem Prophecy. 

Our Only Hope – Joseph and Mary were just simple people who loved God. And God chose them for a special mission: to be the parents to Jesus, the Savior of mankind and the light of the world, Jesus. Matthew 1:18-25, The Birth of Jesus.

The Dark Side – The Magi followed a star to the new king. On a stop along the way, they discovered King Herod, a dark force who was not happy about Jesus' birth. Matthew 2:1-8, Magi Follow the Star.

May The Lord Be With You – Finally, the Magi arrived in Bethlehem where they found Jesus and presented him with gifts. We must remember that Jesus is God's gift to us. Matthew 2:9-12, Magi Meet Jesus.

About This Curriculum:
• Perfect for kids ages 6-12
• 4-weeks
• Includes large group and small group resources
• This curriculum is an instant download
• Download a free samplehere
• Download theFREE Christmas Program .
Each Lesson Includes:
• Make It Stick! Parent Sheet
• Memory Verse
• Skit or Puppet Show
• Craft Activity
• Large Group Lesson
• Small Group Discussion
• More!

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