I'm In Trouble- Dealing With Difficult Situations

What's Included
What's Included
There are many things in life that cause us trouble. When you find out you failed a BIG spelling test - oh my, that is trouble. When you discover that you forgot to close the refrigerator door last night and your mom discovers all of the food is spoiled...that’s trouble! When the bully at school starts picking on you at recess - that is definitely trouble!

Trouble is something that we will all find ourselves in. The question is - what will we do when we find ourselves in trouble?

In this series, the children will learn that although life is full of trouble, we can call on our faithful God for help! He always hears us when we call out to Him, and He always answers our call!

Lesson 1: God Is Faithful
King David's Bad Day (Psalm 55)

Lesson 2: I'm Not Alone
David In The Cave Of Adullum (1 Samuel 21-22)

Lesson 3: Have Patience
The Story of Job (The Book of Job)

Lesson 4: Shelter From The Storm
Noah's Ark (Genesis 6-7)

Lesson 5: His Strength Is Perfect
Samson's Final Victory (Judges 16)

Lesson 6: It's NOT Fair
Daniel In The Lion's Den (Daniel 6)

Lesson 7: I CAN DO
Paul In Prison (Acts 28)

Lesson 8: Open Your Eyes
God Opens The Eyes Of Elisha's Servant (2 Kings 6:8-23)

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