Crash Curriculum: God Has A Plan For Me

What's Included
What's Included
Imagine kids learning BIG truths from God's Word while having fun playing, scoring points and interacting. Crash is a game-driven Bible curriculum designed to turn kids from spectators into participants. Like you, we have discovered kids learn best by doing.

Every series has new review games and every lesson has a new Just-For-Fun game.

God Has a Plan For Me series: Stories in the Life of Jacob
Lesson 1: Jacob the Sneak (Genesis 25-27)
Lesson 2: Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28)
Lesson 3: Jacob is Tricked (Genesis 29:15-31)
Lesson 4: Jacob's Deal (Genesis 30:25-43, 31)
Lesson 5: Jacob Wrestles God (Genesis 32:17-33:17)

This 5-week series includes:

• Small Group and Large Group options
• Point of Impact Idea
• Memory Verse
• The Clue
• Looking Out
• Memory Verse Challenge
• High-Octane Game
• Blooperz Sock Story
• Ten Shoes Review Game
• Ernie the Camper (optional)
• The Sneaker
• Prayer
• Shout It Out phrase (optional)
• E-Mail Blitz to parents (optional)

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