Critter Land: Psalm 23

What's Included
What's Included
Preschoolers love predictability, and teachers appreciate a simple format with valuable content. Engage your preschoolers with hands-on games and activities. Each of the 13 lessons comes with a Bible Story, Critter Tale, Activity Craft, Review Game, Memory Verse, Snack Suggestion, Color Page and Teacher Instruction.

Jesus, the Shepherd (John 10:1-18)
Jesus, the Provider (Ruth 2)
Jesus, the Peacemaker (Matthew 8:23-27)
God’s Specialty (1 Samuel 16:4-13)
Righteousness (Daniel 6)
Jesus, My Protection (2 Kings 6:8-18)
Jesus, the Comforter (Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:13-16)
Jesus, the Winner (1 Kings 18:21-40)
Jesus, the Healer (John 9:1-7)
Goodness (Genesis 1:1-31)
Mercy (John 8:2-11)
Salvation (Acts 16:16-34)
Psalm 23 Review (Acts 27:7-44)

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