Isaac And Jacob

What's Included
What's Included
Isaac and Jacob

Isaac and Jacob sure helped make the Old Testament interesting. 13 lessons are in MS Word and PDF files for easy duplication, distribution, customizing and quick reference. Includes Facts and Puzzles weekly handout in PDF.

Follow The Leader (Genesis 24:1-27)
Here Comes the Bride (Genesis 24:28-32, 49-67)
Don’t Sell Yourself Short (Genesis 25:20-34)
Don’t Blame Me (Genesis 26:1-12)
Dig That (Genesis 26:13-21)
The Fake Son (Genesis 27:1-29)
Choose Wisely (Genesis 27:30-46)
Where is God? (Genesis 28:1-5, 10-22)
That’s Not Fair (Genesis 29:1-30)
Seeing Spots (Genesis 30:25-43)
Stop Struggling (Genesis 32:1-32)
Why Can’t We Be Friends? (Genesis 33:1-20)
You Can Count On It (Genesis 35:1-15)

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