Villains And Heroes

What's Included
What's Included
Villains and Heroes

From Gideon to Samuel to Saul, God works in amazing ways. 13 lessons are in MS Word and PDF files for easy duplication, distribution, customizing and quick reference. Includes Facts and Puzzles weekly handout in PDF.

Hiding in the Caves (Judges 6)
Smashing Victory (Judges 7)
A Little Bit of Love, Please (Judges 9:22-55)
Hold Your Tongue (Judges 11)
Sam Gets Mad (Judges 13-15:13)
Bringing down the House (Judges 15:13-16:30)
Ruth (Book of Ruth)
Can You Hear Me Now ? (1 Samuel 1-3)
Raiders of the Stolen Ark (1 Samuel 4-7)
Where Did the Donkeys Go? (1 Samuel 9-10)
Saul Takes Charge (1 Samuel 11-12)
Saul Gets Greedy (1 Samuel 15)
Jesse’s Boy (1 Samuel 16:1-13)

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