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sPETacular Curriculum

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Description: Let's face it - God's creations rock! One thing He let mankind (us) participate in was the naming of the animals. God also gave us "dominion" (responsibility) for them as well! It's amazing to see how God has used his awesome creations to provide for us down through time! Check out the ways He has done that through this awesome series "sPETacular"!!

Week 1: The Animal Who Covered Our Sins
Week 2: Noah's Do Over!
Week 3: Elijah Get's An Extreme Delivery
Week 4: Balaam's "Donkey Speak!"
Week 5: Jonah, "Go Fish!" (And the Rest of the Story)
Week 6: It's OK(osher) for EVERYONE, Peter!

The Download Includes: 6 original videos with each lesson, a series opening video, series graphics, full large group and small group lesson plans with Keynote and PowerPoint presentation materials, review materials, group games, and take home materials for parents. This curriculum is ready for you to roll out and use with your group!


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