The First Christmas - Angels And Shepherds

What's Included
What's Included
On this same night, under the same starry sky not too far away, there were shepherds taking care of their flock during the night watch.

It was an ordinary night as the animals quietly grazed. But soon, this ordinary night was interrupted by glory.

Something caught their attention. Suddenly, the shepherds realized they were no longer alone in the field that night. An angel stood before them. The shepherds were terrified, but the angel comforted them, saying, “Don’t be afraid. I bring you good news! Tonight a Savior has been born in Bethlehem. He is the Messiah, and He was born for you.”

The angel told the shepherds exactly where to find this baby boy—this gift of hope come to earth. He would be wrapped snuggly in cloth and lying in a feeding trough in a nearby stable in the city of David.

In the blink of an eye a glorious multitude of the heavenly host appeared, surrounding these humble shepherds in glory. With their voices, they lifted up an angelic song of praise to God.

And in that breathtaking moment, the heavens boldly proclaimed the glory of the One who not only knew the stars by name, but also knew the names of these humble shepherds in the field.

This quiet night turned into the most glorious of nights, and the shepherds hurried off to find the baby boy. They found him lying in feeding trough—exactly as the angel had said.

The shepherds couldn’t keep this good news inside. They told everyone they met about the angel, the heavenly host, the young couple, and the precious Christ-child. And all who heard it was amazed, just as we continue to be amazed as we remember this night—this moment—when hope was made known to us.

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