The First Christmas - Manger

What's Included
What's Included
And while they were away in Bethlehem, the time came. All of heaven leaned in closer to witness the moment that had finally arrived. It was time for Mary to give birth to to her firstborn Son—to the One who is the firstborn over all creation. 

??The quiet night in Bethlehem was interrupted by the cries of a woman in labor. Her pain-filled cries were soon followed by the infant cries of the One who spoke all things into existence.

As she held Him in her arms, wrapping Him snuggly in cloth, she looked into the face of the One who would save her soul—the One who would bring salvation to everyone who would believe. 

??That night she placed him in a feeding trough in the stable where she and Joseph found shelter. This young mother and father had no where to stay that night, so they spent the first hours with their Son in the humblest of places. And it was in that humble place that Immanuel first sighed and squirmed and slumbered. This infant boy was the Word—the Word that became flesh and dwelled among us. And that night, the Word whispered heaven’s glory with every breath He breathed.

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