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Description: From the album Doorpost Songs: More Than Conquerors, and based on Psalm 46:1-3 (“God is our refuge and strength…”) and Psalm 56:3 (“When I am afraid, I trust in you…”), “Trust in You” is a powerful reminder that we can trust God even in the midst of our biggest fears. Purchase includes full stereo track, split track, and instrumental versions.

Song Lyrics

God is my refuge
God is my strength
An ever-present help
In times of trouble

Therefore we will not fear
Though the earth gives way
And mountains fall
We will not fear

Though the water roar and foam
We will not fear
Though the mountains quake
And through it all
We will not fear

Oh when I am afraid
When I am afraid
I will trust in you

The Lord almighty is with us
The God of Jacob our fortress
The Lord almighty is with us


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