What's Included
What's Included
A song of Praise to get kids moving and engaged. Includes; Stereo, Split Track and Karaoke versions, Song Testimony and Motion videos, Chords and lyrics. Click here to view the Song Testimony.


I can't stop moving my feet
Praise God now and move to the beat
Just don't stop moving your feet
And clap your hands

Now turn turn turn to the beat
Praise God now and move your feet
One arm forward, elbow up high
Come on y’all, let’s ride


I won't stop Praising my God
He's better than good (Won't stop!)
I won't stop Praising my God
He’s bigger than big (Praise God!)

Raise your arms, in the air
Cause I'm gonna praise God everywhere
Now wave to the people standing over there
Do I look like a fool? I don't care

Now lean back, give God the glory
Lean, lean yeah that’s the story
Start a mower and say a prayer
I can Praise God everywhere

I won't stop a movin'
I won't stop a groovin'
God you are amazing
I won't stop Praisin' You!

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