Stardust Collection

This collection features several looping and still backgrounds with colorful beams of light with dust particles in the light beams. These backgrounds will help set an inviting friendly or edgy feeling for any service. There are welcome, closing backgrounds as well as a 5-minute countdown and special ones for different types of events you might have. The Stardust Collection is a great collection for youth and kids events, or can be used all year round!

"Stardust Collection" Includes:

Still Backgrounds

  1. Stardust Baptism Still
    Stardust Baptism Still
  2. Stardust Blue Still
    Stardust Blue Still
  3. Stardust Closing Still
    Stardust Closing Still
  4. Stardust Closing Still Spanish
    Stardust Closing Still Spanish
  5. Stardust Communion Still
    Stardust Communion Still
  6. Stardust Gold Still
    Stardust Gold Still
  7. Stardust Green Still
    Stardust Green Still
  8. Stardust Groups Still
    Stardust Groups Still
  9. Stardust Phone Still
    Stardust Phone Still
  10. Stardust Purple Still
    Stardust Purple Still
  11. Stardust Red Still
    Stardust Red Still
  12. Stardust Service Still
    Stardust Service Still
  13. Stardust Volunteer Still
    Stardust Volunteer Still
  14. Stardust Welcome Still
    Stardust Welcome Still
  15. Stardust Welcome Still Spanish
    Stardust Welcome Still Spanish
  16. Stardust Worship Still
    Stardust Worship Still


  1. Stardust Countdown
    Stardust Countdown

Motion Backgrounds

  1. Stardust Baptism Motion
    Stardust Baptism Motion
  2. Stardust Blue Motion
    Stardust Blue Motion
  3. Stardust Closing Motion Spanish
    Stardust Closing Motion Spanish
  4. Stardust Closing Motion
    Stardust Closing Motion
  5. Stardust Communion Motion
    Stardust Communion Motion
  6. Stardust Gold Motion
    Stardust Gold Motion
  7. Stardust Green Motion
    Stardust Green Motion
  8. Stardust Groups Motion
    Stardust Groups Motion
  9. Stardust Purple Motion
    Stardust Purple Motion
  10. Stardust Phone Motion
    Stardust Phone Motion
  11. Stardust Service Motion
    Stardust Service Motion
  12. Stardust Red Motion
    Stardust Red Motion
  13. Stardust Volunteer Motion
    Stardust Volunteer Motion
  14. Stardust Welcome Motion
    Stardust Welcome Motion
  15. Stardust Worship Motion
    Stardust Worship Motion
  16. Stardust Welcome Motion Spanish
    Stardust Welcome Motion Spanish

More from Playback Media

  1. Event Planner Welcome Still - Spanish
    Event Planner Welcome Still - Spanish
  2. Event Planner White Still
    Event Planner White Still
  3. Event Planner Welcome Still
    Event Planner Welcome Still
  4. Event Planner Volunteer Still
    Event Planner Volunteer Still
  5. Event Planner Teal Still
    Event Planner Teal Still


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