Create a Memorable Holiday Season with WorshipHouse Kids

Everything You Need for a Thanksgiving KidMin Service

WorshipHouse Kids has everything you need to create a memorable Thanksgiving celebration! Whether you're looking for heartwarming songs, fun activities, or educational materials, WorshipHouse Kids is your ultimate destination for all your holiday essentials.

Don't delay! Discover the resources to make your Thanksgiving festivities truly extraordinary today!

Song Tracks

  1. 10,000 Reasons
    10,000 Reasons
    Doorpost Songs
  2. Don't Be A Turkey
    Don't Be A Turkey
    Yancy Ministries
  3. Thanksgiving Collection
    Thanksgiving Collection
    Yancy Ministries
  4. Give Thanks (Psalms 105:1-3)
    Give Thanks (Psalms 105:1-3)
    Seeds Kids Worship

Game Videos

Our assortment of Thanksgiving games at WorshipHouse Kids is sure to keep your children entertained for hours. We have a diverse selection of educational and delightful games that are perfect for the holiday season. These games not only offer entertainment but also contribute to teaching valuable concepts that will enrich your children's Thanksgiving experience.

  1. Shuffle: Turkey Edition
    Shuffle: Turkey Edition
    Church Visuals
  2. Turkey Trot
    Turkey Trot
    Lift Curriculum
  3. Turkey Run Game
    Turkey Run Game
    Church Visuals
  4. Turkey Shuffle
    Turkey Shuffle
    Children's Ministry Deals
  5. Punkin' Gunk
    Punkin' Gunk
    Children's Ministry Deals