Worship - Experiencing God's Powerful Presence

What's Included
What's Included
“Worship” has become a “buzz word” in the modern church era. We usually use it to mean “singing songs to God, often those that are slow in tempo and emotive in nature.” BUT worship is so much more than a song!

In this series, the children will learn that worship is about expressing to God the love and adoration He deserves. That can be done through a song, but it can also be done in many other ways.

Through the story of King David and his experience with the Ark of the Covenant, the children will learn that the presence of God is a wonderful place to be. There is great blessing in God’s presence.

Lesson 1: The Presence Of God
David And The Ark (2 Samuel 6:1-10)

Lesson 2: Whatever It Takes
Six Steps (2 Samuel 6:11-13)

Lesson 3: More Than A Song
David Dances Before The Lord (2 Samuel 6:13-23)

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