Choosing Happy

What's Included
What's Included
"This song has bottled up joy. Yancy helps kids put happiness into an action on the happy, pop vibe of the newest Little Praise Party song guaranteed to get you smiling from ear to ear. Life is changing all around us. Kids are transitioning back to school and seasons are shifting. Diagnoses are being given and other chapters are closing. Truth alert: Happiness has nothing to do with your circumstances. The mindset of this message is that we can choose joy and happiness no matter what we face. This song feat. Brad G is rooted in the Bible promise “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” As you sing along you’ll notice a shift in your atmosphere as you choose happiness. No superhero cape is required but you’ll probably want to text a friend your favorite emojis to tell them about this fun and happy song! Push play! Full mix and stereo track with background vocals included. "

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