Connect The Dots Bundle

Transitions and Segue Videos to Prepare a Heart of Worship. To help you kick off a service, transition into worship or the message time. Help people connect the dots in communicating their worship and thanks to our Savior.

Products in This Collection

  1. Get The Party Started
    Get The Party Started
  2. Jesus Is The Name
    Jesus Is The Name
  3. My God Is Big
    My God Is Big
  4. Our God Is
    Our God Is
  5. Shout It Out
    Shout It Out
  6. Sing Clap And Bless His Name
    Sing Clap And Bless His Name
  7. Thank You
    Thank You
  8. The Word
    The Word
  9. Time To Praise
    Time To Praise
  10. We Have A Promise
    We Have A Promise
  11. Who You Are
    Who You Are
  12. What Christmas Is About
    What Christmas Is About
  13. All In
    All In

More from Yancy Ministries

  1. Shine And Serve
    Shine And Serve
  2. My Life For You
    My Life For You
  3. Do Be Give Love
    Do Be Give Love
  4. Live Differently
    Live Differently
  5. Go


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