God Is With Us

What's Included
What's Included
God is with us every single day This song drives home the point that He is always with us no matter. He is Emmanuel. A fun pop uptempo song. Download includes 2 video Files: Full and Instruments Only.

Song Lyrics:

God the Father, He's the One
Who was here before the world begun
Set the planets into motions
Put waves into the ocean

There to guide me
He never leaves me

He is all around
Listen He's in every sound

God is with us
God is with us, everyday

Jesus Christ He is the Son
He came to be the perfect One
He forives my many wrongs
He's the reason we sing our songs

He gives victory
Lives inside of me
We are never alone
Our God goes on and on

God is with us
God is with us, everyday

The sun lets in another day
To shine upon the world God made
His time has no end
He's my guide and my friend
Saviour, Creator, the History Maker
He lights the way
Gives Peace for each day
There's no reason for fear
He's the Everlasting One

God is with us
God is with us, everyday

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