Shout (Lpp)

What's Included
What's Included
This is a preschool version of one of Yancy's most loved-songs! It is about shouting out God’s praises. There’s no reason to be silent or hide our love for Jesus. God is good, let’s tell this world and shout it out!

A fun song by Yancy! Download includes 2 Files: Full and Instruments Only.

Song Lyrics:

I cannot stay silent
I will not hold back
I want to open up and let the thanks roll out
I'm overwhelmed by Your love and faithfulness at all times
When my heart was hurting
you made things all so right

I'm never gonna stop
never gonna stop

I wanna shout it out that I love Jesus
tell the world that God is good
Sing a song that makes me happy
shout out loud that God is good

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