2021 Sensational Summer Preservice Show Version 1

What's Included
What's Included
Approximately 15 minutes of brand new, fun, interactive games that your kids can play while waiting for your program to begin. Perfect for summer and mid-week programs as well as Sunday School! PreService shows help visiting kids feel more at ease because they provide something for them to focus on.

This PreService show is comprised of 5 different crowdbreakers and a 10 second countdown. Buying these crowdbreakers individually would cost you $50 - but you can get them (all put together in one show!) for $25 - so you're saving 50%!

Or, if you want to save even MORE, buy the Sensational Summer PreService Show 5-Pack, which has FIVE of these PreService Shows for $50 (that's a 70% savings!). The crowdbreakers in this show are:

1. Backwards Quiz, Version 1
2. Extreme Close-Ups, Inside Edition, Version 1
3. Exploding Snow Cones, Version 1
4. Where Would You Rather Go this Summer, Version 1
5. Sparklers, Version 1

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