Resources for Streaming Your Kids Services


What Can You Do with a Web License?

The web license includes our standard license (public performance in a single setting), as well as a couple of additional features:

The Web License allows you to:

  • Post the video on your website (using a native player)
  • Include the video in a live stream of your service online
  • Include the video in a recording of your service online

The Web License DOES NOT allow you to:

  • Upload the video to youtube or other video sharing sites UNLESS posted in the context of a service
  • Broadcast the video on television or any other medium

*While this license makes the content available for you to use in these ways, we cannot guarantee that social sharing sites like Facebook and YouTube will not flag or block this content unintentionally. We encourage testing to ensure these possible issues don't arise as you stream or share your service online.


Can I Add Kids Videos to Our Online Services?

Kids videos can be included in your streaming services if they have the option of Web Licensing listed on their product page. Simply check "Add Web License" on the product page before adding it to your cart.

Can I Include Worship Tracks in Our Online Services?

While copyright laws and some social sharing sites’ privacy policies will prevent you from streaming or posting most worship tracks, any track with a Web License option can be streamed as long as you have a CCLI Streaming License (or other copyright solution).

Can I Include Backgrounds in Our Online Services?

Motion & still backgrounds on our site can all be incorporated into streaming services.

Can I Include Countdowns to Our Online Services?

All countdowns on WorshipHouse Kids can be included in any of your online worship services.