Epic Easter Preservice Show 2021

What's Included
What's Included
A sixth, EPIC Easter PreService Show. Four awesome Easter crowdbreakers, and a cute countdown to wrap things up and launch your program. Over fifteen minutes of fun, Eastery goodness that will engage your students from the moment they walk in the door!

The crowdbreakers in this PreService Show are:
Easter Egg Shell Game, Version 1
Is that Thing Really an Egg, Version 1
Love it or Leave It, Easter Edition, Version 1
Baby Chick Race

The video runs for approximately 15 minutes.

Having fun, engaging videos playing as kids enter has proven to be a highly effective way of making a kid feel more at ease. It gives them something to focus on, something to engage in, something that prevents them from feeling like an outsider.

And since Easter brings in the most visitors, this is the perfect time for you to get one, two, or all six of our Epic Easter PreService Shows! ​

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