What's Included
What's Included
The Bible is full of great battle stories. I remember, as a child, sitting and listening to my cassette (I know that dates me) of “David and Goliath” and being transfixed for hours. I would listen and rewind, listen and rewind, listen and rewind.

This series was inspired by that childhood fondness for battle stories that ended in victory for God’s people. The truth is - as adults, we haven’t outgrown that love for stories of victory in the battle. We all have enemies we face. For some, it is sickness. For some, it is other people. For others, it is themselves. For all of us, Satan is our ultimate enemy. He desires to defeat us and keep us from a living a life of victory in Jesus.

We have chosen many of the best battle stories in the Bible to help teach lessons we all can learn about living a life of victory over Satan, over sin, and over all of the enemies, life throws at us. I hope your children enjoy learning these lessons of victory in the BATTLE ZONE!

Lesson 1 - "Worth The Risk"                                                         David Battles Goliath (1 Samuel 17)
Lesson 2 - "Don't Lift Your Sword, Lift Your Hands"            Israel Wins The Battle With Worship (2 Chronicles 20)
Lesson 3 - "Shout Of Victory"                                                       The Battle Of Jericho (Joshua 6)
Lesson 4 - "Now What?"                                                                Parting The Red Sea (Exodus 14)
Lesson 5 - "Waiting On God"                                                        Joseph Waits On God (Genesis 40:23-41:46)
Lesson 6 - "Spies Like Us"                                                              The Twelve Spies (Numbers 13:1-14:9)
Lesson 7 - "Pep Talk"                                                                       God Encourages Joshua (Joshua 11)
Lesson 8 - "Too Sad To Fight"                                                      David Defeats The Amalekites (1 Samuel 30)

Each Lesson Includes:

● “The Spark” Intro Video
● “Whatchagaddaknow” Video
● Character Skit
● Game Time!
● Bible Story
● Power Verse Video
● Call To Action
● Rewind! Review Game
● Small Group Experience

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