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Description: A ballad that reminds us all of the true meaning of Christmas: love, peace, joy and most of all Jesus. He's the reason for the celebrations and all the fun. This song encourages listeners to never lose sight of that. Download includes 2 video Files: Full and Instruments Only.

Song Lyrics:

The snow is coming down
the family's all around
and i'm staring to dream of Christmas Eve
Music's in the air
and lots of laughter to share
now daddy is starting the fire

and soon I pray that my eyes they will see the little things
may each day remind me more
that Christmas time is love
Christmas time is peace
Christmas gave the greatest gift to you and me
Christmas time is hope
Let's spread it all around
Let's always remember
That Jesus is the reason
for Christmas time

He was Heaven's perfect gift
a remedy for sin..


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